Aircraft Management


Owning a private jet is the utmost privilege for a small elite. Excellium offers an aircraft management service and can assist you in buying and managing your private jet. You fly, we take care of the rest.

Fleet Management

Operating a private jet is a complex activity. Excellium is there to assist you and to provide you with the best solutions to make sure that owning a private jet remains a pleasure.

Thanks to solid partnerships with a large portfolio of associates, we can take care of all aspects related to your aircraft, including:

  • Tailor made-solutions to register your aircraft under the most appropriate country
  • Maintenance scheduling and anticipation
  • Recruitment and training of pilots and cabin crew
  • Refurbishment of cabin interior or exterior painting
  • Catering plans and partnerships
  • And more…

With a large client database in Europe and Russia, Excellium can guarantee flying hours to owners of all aircraft types. Thanks to its understanding of the market, its team can also help you choose the best location, services and financial conditions to make sure your aircraft is flying at the right price for a given number of hours.

Sales and Acquisition

Buying a private jet is a major decision and various key parameters have to be taken into consideration. Excellium brings its aircraft management expertise to you and assists you to ensure you make the best choice.

The acquisition team is at your service to collaborate on your project. Being totally independent, Excellium is dedicated to finding the aircraft that best matches your needs. The market knowledge of Excellium makes it a privileged partner to help you understand the advantages and drawbacks of each option.

A team of financial experts is available to discuss the best way to set up the ideal financial structure to acquire your aircraft.