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P180 Avanti

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The Avanti is a market segment by itself:

Thanks to its configuration and design, this high performance turbo prop aircraft flies as fast as a light jet, while burning 50% less fuel. Its engines being at the very back of the fuselage, the cabin is quieter than most light jets on the market.

Its unique design offers the largest cabin of the segment, with a height of 1.75m.

It comfortably sits 6 to 7 passengers depending on the configuration and has a range of over 4 hours.

The P180 offers the cabin size of a mid size jet, the comfort and the finishing of larger aircraft at much lower operating costs.

Trying the Piaggio is a unique experience, and most of the clients only fly Piaggio once they have tried it. 

Category: VIP Turbo Prop
Older versions:
Cabin length (m) 4,55
Cabin width (m) 1,85
Cabin heigth (m) 1,75
Max seating (nb): 7
Luggage capacity (nb): 8
Range (km): 2722
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