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King Air 200

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The most popular turbo prop aircraft of all times was launched in 1970 and has since then given great satisfaction to its passengers and pilots.

Configured with 6 comfortable individual seats, the King Air 200 efficiently brings you where a jet cannot land in comfort, thanks to its square oval cabin shape.

The King Air can compete in performance with many of the small jets on the market but has proven very cost effective for the many clients using this aircraft worldwide.

The King Air models are very popular for their exceptional fuel efficiency and payload/range capabilities making it a perfect solution for short haul trips to special or difficult airfields at a great price. 

Category: VIP Turbo Prop
Older versions:
Cabin length (m) 5,08
Cabin width (m) 1,37
Cabin heigth (m) 1,45
Max seating (nb): 7
Luggage capacity (nb): 10
Range (km): 3334
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