Airbus ACJ318

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The ACJ 318 is the youngest and smallest member of the ACJ 320 family and features several innovations that will shortly be introduced on the rest of the range.

With a shorter fuselage, but the same wings than the 319 and 320, the ACJ318 has excellent take off performance and is approved for London City.

An extend range version gives an autonomy of 7,200 km.

Thanks to its commercial background, the ACJ offers features unavailable on other jets such as public transport certification, choice of engines, autoland systems, and all technical features a commercial jet has.

The ACJ is the most spacious and comfortable jet available on the market, taking the private jet experience to its highest level.

Category: VIP Airliner
Older versions: Airbus A318 Elite
Cabin length (m) 21,81
Cabin width (m) 3,7
Cabin heigth (m) 2,24
Max seating (nb): 19
Luggage capacity (nb): 100+
Range (km): 7800
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