Airbus ACJ 320

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The 320 is the biggest ACJ currently on the market. Its vast cabin measures over 100 sqm and allows a variety of configuration. This aircraft is frequently used for head of states and government due to its utmost comfort and increased capacity.

Thanks to its commercial background, the ACJ offers features unavailable on other jets such as public transport certification, choice of engines, autoland systems, and all technical features a commercial jet has.

The ACJ is the most spacious and comfortable jet available on the market, taking the private jet experience to its highest level.

Category: VIP Airliner
Older versions: Airbus Prestige
Cabin length (m) 27,78
Cabin width (m) 3,7
Cabin heigth (m) 2,25
Max seating (nb): 30
Luggage capacity (nb): 100
Range (km): 8000
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