Excellium Platinum Club


The Platinum Club is a private membership club reserved for Excellium’s clients.

The aim of this club is to offer frequent flyers facilitated administrative procedures, and bring high-end individuals together through unique events.

Your Account

A Platinum member has his own deposit account where his credit for future flights is stored.

This allows a simple booking process: no invoice, no paperwork. It is the perfect tool for busy individuals, who want to fly with short delays and no hassle.

Excellium sets itself apart by granting you financial credits instead of flying hours.

Hour programs available on the market are calculated following the highest possible cost per hour to make sure your trip is covered. This leaves you with no visibility of the actual cost per flight hour compared to the price you have agreed to pay.

As opposed to standard 25 hour card programs, Excellium provides you with a transparent overview of your balance, no hidden taxi fees or fuel surcharge, and the guarantee of the best prices on the market.

Your personal code gives you access to your online account where you can check the history of your previous flights, with the routes and aircraft types you chose, as well as your financial balance.

You can also register for your preferred routes and you will automatically receive email notifications when interesting empty leg opportunities are available.


The Platinum Club is more than a tool to simplify your travelling, it is a social community.

The VIP Customer team is committed to offering upscale service to its clients.

Various social events are organized throughout the year in Russia and Europe, offering VIP clients a chance to meet and experience interesting networking opportunities.

The Travel Club organizes VIP services for its members through exclusive packages including VIP jet transfers and stays in the best hotels around the world.

Many more advantages are available, please contact us by phone or email for more details.