Jet Charter


Chartering a private jet with Excellium gives you the flexibility to choose between 2,000 selected aircrafts worldwide to suit your needs, from luxury light jets to VIP airliners.

Excellium guarantees VIP travel experience at the most competitive prices.

Empty Legs & One Ways

Excellium is specializing in empty leg & one way flights between Russia and Europe (Geneva, Nice, London, Paris, and many other cities).

An empty leg is an aircraft flying empty from its current location to its next passenger flight. As most of the flight is already paid for, Excellium can negotiate unbeatable prices on these legs.

If no empty legs are available, we can offer your competitive one way offers.
A one-way flight is an aircraft that flies empty to position for its upcoming mission, as in the case of an empty leg, but can be diverted from its initially planned route to match your itinerary.

Our team of professionals can evaluate and negotiate the best rates, and secure prices up to 50% less expensive compared to on demand charter flights.

For example, if you are looking to fly from Moscow to Paris, we will try to find an empty leg that flies this exact route empty. If there is no availability, it will divert an aircraft flying empty from St Petersburg to Barcelona to match your request.

Thanks to its partnerships with over 250 companies, Excellium continuously scans the market and monitors empty leg & one-way opportunities to match your itinerary. Flying on Excellium empty legs & one ways allows you to charter the nicest aircrafts on the market and enjoy the best service, while benefitting from discounted prices. 

On Demand Charter

Excellium can organize tailor-made private jet flights for the most demanding clientele, making every journey a special experience.

Thanks to its privileged access to over 2,000 aircraft worldwide, Excellium can find the best-suited aircraft close to your current location, allowing a fast positioning and competitive prices.

Through its database and market knowledge, your dedicated agent will find the plane you need: from light business jets sitting up to 6 passengers for short haul flights, to long range ultra VIP Gulfstream and Bombardier jets flying over 12 hours non stop. 

Excellium also provides solutions for larger groups offering a 19 seater VIP Airbus, Corporate Jet charter and Boeing Business Jets, as well as 20 to 200 seater airplanes that can be fully privatized.

Its professional and experienced team is able to fulfill all your expectations: organize a journey to the most secluded airports or plan your tour around the world, no request is impossible for Excellium.