About Excellium Private Aviation


Excellium was created to offer the smartest way to fly to an exclusive and demanding clientele looking for utmost luxury, comfort and service at the best value for money.

Our aim is to combine European expertise and Swiss standards with Eurasian service and potential to bring best in class service to its customers. A team of international and qualified professionals stands at the core of the company.

Excellium is the private jet company based in Moscow with a regional office in Switzerland. This geographical distribution allows a better monitoring of the market and a closer relationship with both clients and partners to achieve one main goal: offer the most competitive prices in all fields of private aviation.

Thanks to its worldwide network of carefully selected partners, Excellium offers tailor-made jet solutions for every travel need, be it for an executive meeting, a family vacation or a special weekend with friends, at constantly optimized prices.

Excellium is committed to providing its clients with excellent, efficient and discreet service while offering the most competitive prices on the market.†


Fly smart Ц Fly safe:

Safety is Excellium's utmost concern. We only charter recent, perfectly maintained aircrafts with fully qualified trained crews.

Fly smart Ц Spend less:

Join the exclusive club of travelers who fly smarter with Excellium. Thanks to its worldwide network and negotiated agreements, Excellium can offer 15% to 60% discount compared to standard card programs.

Fly smart Ц Fly fast:

You are just one call away from your next private jet flight. Thanks to a 24/7 available team, you can take off within 2 hours from any major airport. Thanks to its extensive network, Excellium is able to offer swift and flexible flight connections.

Fly smart Ц Adjust to your needs:

Excellium has access to over 2,000 aircrafts allowing you to choose the most suitable private jet for each journey: from luxury 6 seat light jets for short haul flights to VIP Global Express, Gulfstream, Boeing Business Jets or Airbus Corporate Jets.

Fly smart Ц Enjoy a comprehensive service:

Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals assists you before, during and after your flight.

Excellium offers you full service during your entire journey, takes care of your car rental on arrival, organizes your helicopter transfer and books you in at your preferred hotel or restaurant.†


Our team is at your service 24/7 to find the most suitable solution for your private jet needs.

Through its two offices, Excellium is a combination of Swiss standards, European expertise and Russian hospitality.

The Moscow headquarters: an international team, fluent in both Russian and English, is based at the Moscow office. This location represents a central position and a perfect bridge between Europe, the Middle East and Asia, while being as close as possible to the Russian clientele.

The Geneva office: situated at one of the top 3 private jet hubs in central Europe, the Geneva office is your privileged European contact.

The team is at your service to organize medium to short haul flights across Europe as well as transatlantic flights to northern and southern America.

Being close to its local partners and clients, the regional office can negotiate special prices and find the best available option in record time.†